Second Annual Butterfly Release To Honor Residents 

March 14 was National Learn About Butterflies Day, and to celebrate, our residents were given their very own caterpillars to name and look after. 

For the second year in a row, our residents will be able to watch as these caterpillars grow and transform into beautiful butterflies.  

When they turn into butterflies, our community will gather in the courtyard to release them and watch as they fly away. This year, we will be honoring four beloved residents who recently passed and releasing butterflies named after them in their memory. 

At The Capstone at Station Camp, we truly believe our butterfly tradition feeds the soul and inspires our residents. And inspiration is one of the seven main pillars of our Vibrant Life® program. As a whole, the program also seeks to help residents be well, challenged, adventurous, social and connected. Residents may participate in a variety of individual or group activities based on their interests, preferences, routines and abilities.