Five ways to bring joy to your loved one living in senior living this December

While the holidays can be the best time of the year, we recognize that it can also be a time full of change. If your loved one has recently (or not so recently!) made the move to The Capstone at Station Camp, there may be some traditions that will look a little different from how they have in the past. To help make this transition smoother or give you new ideas to use while visiting your loved one this holiday season, we’ve compiled five ways that you can bring joy with you on your visits this December. 

  1. Bring your loved one a homemade food item they love.
    • It’s no secret that The Capstone at Station Camp offer some of the best food through our Elevate® dining program. But sometimes, your loved one just needs a recipe that has been passed down through generations – one whose secret ingredients they aren’t willing to share with the chef.
  2. Decorate your loved one’s room.
    • While we’re sure The Capstone at Station Camp will be beautifully decorated for the holidays, it can’t hurt to add a personal touch to your loved one’s room. Do they have a stocking they’ve always hung? A Christmas village? Help them set it up in their apartment to bring out the holiday spirit!
  3. Have family and friends handwrite holiday cards for your loved one.
    • There’s just something about a handwritten note that makes it extra special. Make sure to let your loved one know how much they mean to you in your note!
  4. Gather a group of friends and family to visit your loved one and sing some classic holiday songs.
    • Music is tightly bound to emotion, especially when it’s sung by and with people you love! Don’t worry about sounding just like the track – your loved one will have a great time singing along no matter what.
  5. Introduce new, seasonal scents to your loved one’s space.
    • Familiar scents can be tied to and evoke memories of the past. Put a holiday-scented diffuser in your loved one’s apartment to bring back happy memories of all the wonderful holidays you have spent together so far!